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I was born and raised in Southern California, and I’ve spent most of my life filling up more sketchbooks than I have room for (thank goodness for digital art). I still live in Southern California (dreaming of cloudier weather) and am writing and drawing my own webcomics – Battleborn and Not Your Average Demon – as well as contributing to various fandoms and doing commissions.

My earliest art influences were from Disney and Miyazaki films. Once I began to expand my art vocabulary, I’ve developed a great love for the works of Monet and Seurat and their styles. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Disney Animator and I started drawing early and I haven’t stopped. Today, I work as a freelance illustrator and create graphic novels and webcomics in my spare time.

I published Battleborn, my first webcomic, April 20th 2020 on Tapas and followed that with my second webcomic, Not Your Average Demon, on July 19th of the same year. Both are still currently running and I’m very proud of how they continue to grow. It’s a great personal achievement for myself to not only create them, but put them online, and now have my own website to publish them on.

So, stay for a while, enjoy what you find, and have fun!

 – Jake

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